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The Ball Dropped; Now What?

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 9:16 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
New Year’s BallJanuary 2nd has arrived on a wave of frenzied celebrating. For the past several weeks, you’ve been spending every free moment knee-deep in festivities. Lights have sparkled. Presents have been sought, bought and wrapped, and parties have been had. You haven’t had a moment of calm.

Until now.

Now, routine returns. Now, you head back to work. Now, you forget about the frenzied celebrating and constant gallivanting. Now, you put away the bright lights and plethora of party hats . . . now, you are depressed.

The realization of the post-holiday season often triggers a wave of melancholy. On top of the pre- and during-holiday depressors (excessive food, drink and stress, and reminders of loss), you face the end of a month of merriment and the start of a month of monotony. There’s a sense of being let down, of unrecognized satisfaction. You want more, but there won’t be any. So you wallow and spend the next several weeks in a funk. But you don’t have to. You can avoid post-holiday depression in just three easy steps: eat well, exercise and talk about it.

That’s right; the ways to ward off the blues are the same ways to ward off illness. Eating a balanced diet will give you plenty of energy and improve your sense of wellbeing. Exercise will help you lose some of that holiday weight while boosting your mood, and talking will allow you to unburden your saddened self while inviting in a new, possibly more positive, perspective. You’ll be upbeat, healthy and happy for the rest of January, and you’ll barely miss the noise maker.

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