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Till Death Do Us Part . . . Will That Be Sooner or Later?

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 4:39 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Wedding RingsEvery marriage encounters conflict. There is no possible way for two people to cohabitate, until the end of their days, without having the occasional spat. However, some relationships are more wrought with tension than others. Fights, hostility and resentment fill those homes, creating an ever stressful and anxiety-inducing environment. And for the individuals in that environment, it is not just their emotional hearts that are being strained; it is their physical ones, too. A survey of more than 9,000 British civil servants found that participants who reported regular conflict were more likely to suffer from heart attacks or chest pains. In fact, even after all other risk factors were taken into account their risk was 23 percent higher, proving that having a negative relationship can lead to poor health.  But fortunately, it works the other way too!

Being in a good marriage, one with open communication, bountiful support and reliable partners, can improve your health. It’s likely, actually, to extend your life and provide you with a more pleasant end of. According to Great Britain’s Office for National Statistics, divorced, single and widowed men/women have significantly higher mortality rates than their married counterparts.  This could be due, in part, to spouses’ tendencies to mirror each other. When one partner changes a negative behavior, the other typically follows suit. For example, when a woman stops smoking, her husband is more than five times as likely to quit as well.  So, don’t let fear of a heart attack stop you from tying the knot. There are still plenty of benefits to getting married.

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