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Wealthy and Healthy, Poor and . . .

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 9:03 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Cash RegisterIt’s a lot easier to be healthy if you have money. You can afford insurance, doctor’s visits, vitamins, supplements, health aids and health foods. If, on the other hand, you don’t, it’s a bit more difficult. Obtaining all of the necessities for wellness is a task that often seems more trouble than it’s worth. You can’t even get the free samples pharmaceutical companies claim are available for your benefit. The wealthy have gobbled them up in a cruel twist of circumstances. Meanwhile, the price of fruits and vegetables – the only foods everyone seems to agree on – increases daily, apparently attempting to match the cost of college tuition, while the price of potato chips and snack foods continually drops. You can’t afford to load your cart with the nutrient-filled produce, so you buy the junk. You don’t have a choice. There’s no middle ground . . . but there is.

You can achieve health without turning to a strictly vegetarian diet. You don’t have to buy only organic, non-fat foods. You can throw a few things into the cart aside from produce, maintain a healthy diet and not completely deplete your wallet. You see, some “bad” foods can be good for you. They can fill you up with less, meaning your fridge will stay fuller longer and so will your stomach. Here are a few examples of products that are misunderstood yet secretly good:

• Meat – you can eat meat. The high protein content will fill you up with just a little, cutting calories for the rest of the day. Buy as lean as you can. It will raise the cost a little, but not too much. And it will be worth it.
• Eggs – rather than the inexpensive (when compared to health-food breakfasts) pop tart that fills you up for a grand total of five minutes and offers you no nutrients, have a scrambled egg. It cooks in the same amount of time it takes to toast a pop tart, supplies you with protein and keeps your stomach happy until lunch. Plus, you get 12 in one carton. What a bargain!
• Pizza – if you need a frozen pizza, buy one that’s whole wheat, full of fiber and topped with veggies. The fiber slows digestion, once again leaving you fuller longer and providing you with more bang for your buck.

These additions to your grocery list won’t completely eradicate your money problems, but they will give you more options. And once you’ve finished in the market, should you find you have a little money left over, browse for the remainder of your health needs. The bargains completely contradict the idea that you have to be wealthy to be healthy.

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