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What Will Your Bones Reveal About You?

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 8:51 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
SkullOverall, you are happy with your diet. It may not be as nutritious as you – okay, as your doctor would like, but it’s close. You eat fruits and vegetables . . . when you remember. You don’t have too much red meat (as if there could be such a thing!). You limit the fake sugars and processed foods to a reasonable amount, and you hardly ever overindulge (last night and the nights before that were flukes). Yeah, you may be missing a few vitamins and minerals. Your doctor may have mentioned iron, iodine and a few other nutrients last time you saw him, but how important could that be? It’s doubtful that ancient civilizations got 100 percent of all the vitamins and minerals they needed. And they turned out just fine, didn’t they?

Actually, according to their remains, no. Fossils unearthed on a small Indonesian island have revealed that a severe nutrition deficiency resulted in a severe mutation of one people’s offspring.  The bones, unusually small, likely belonged to adults no taller than three feet with brains the size of grapefruit. They lived inland away from sources of seafood, and thus had mothers whose bodies were significantly lacking in nutrients such as iodine and selenium. They were stunted, dwarfed and at a serious disadvantage because they, their mothers and their people didn’t get all the nutrients they needed.

In this day and age, it’s highly unlikely that the same thing would happen to you or your children. To begin with, you can find all foods practically anywhere. Someone living in the center of Nebraska can easily satisfy his craving for a salmon from the Pacific with a quick trip to the store, and so a severe deficiency because of location is rare. But that doesn’t mean that something of a lesser extreme couldn’t result from your vitamin-and-mineral ignorance. At first you’ll feel fine, but as your body’s stores deplete, you’ll become weaker, you’ll be more susceptible to illnesses and you’ll be considerably less well. That lack of health will pass on to your children. They may not be nutritionally deficient dwarfs, but they won’t be as hale and hearty as they could be.

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