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What You Don’t Know . . .

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 4:12 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Packaged MeatNorwegian food safety officials recently proved that they take all aspects of their job seriously. In a surprise inspection, they combed the shelves of the country’s largest erotic chain store and found that many of the products were mislabeled.  The candy cuffs, chocolate body paint and similar edible treats lacked a list of ingredients and appropriate food label. Now, the company will be altering the packaging of all products so as to comply with the country’s strict regulations. Wouldn’t it be nice if our country and food producers behaved similarly?

Sadly, they don’t. Food hits the shelf everyday with labels that are far from forthcoming. Details are missing from packages that could deter consumers if not stop them completely from purchasing. Take meat, for example. To keep it looking fresh and enticing, many manufacturers use carbon monoxide to seal the packaging.  They pump that darling little gas into the plastic and seal it up before sending it to market. And to avoid those pesky E. coli regulations, they slap a “cook only” sticker on the front, harboring the belief that as long as consumers cook the meat thoroughly, a little bacteria can’t hurt.  Is it any wonder, then, that so much meat was recalled in 2007?

Not at all.

The FDA and USDA are allowing practices to slip under the public’s nose that could cause potential harm. True, these items haven’t led to any reported illnesses, but that doesn’t mean they should continue. I would rather not have any E. coli or carbon monoxide near my meat. But if I must, I’d liked to be informed of it. I would like to know what I’m purchasing. I think I deserve that, and so do you.

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