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What’s Your Cuddle Buddy Doing to You?

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 1:45 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
CoupleYou are aware that you need sleep. You know that not getting enough can affect your health – physical, mental and emotional. It can make you irritable, cranky, unproductive. It can even increase your chances of dying of cardiovascular disease (People who limit themselves to five rather than seven hours of sleep a night are 1.7 times more likely to die from heart-related problems).  So, you’ve taken the steps necessary to ensure a good night’s rest. Every evening you turn off the television, relax and prepare for bed at an earlier hour. You crawl under the covers, drift off to sleep and wake up seven hours later. But, you still aren’t rested. Your fatigue isn’t fading. Why? Well, it might be your bed partner.

If you’re a woman, getting the cuddle time you crave could be hurting your sleep.  Recent studies have shown that while men sleep more soundly with a partner, women sleep more fitfully. Their nights are fragmented, full of thrashing, tossing and turning. The male tendency to snore or the female tendency to be a light sleeper could be the reason, but no one knows for sure. All they do know is that the inadequate snoozing is driving 23 percent of American couples and 34 percent of Canadian couples into separate beds. However, while distance may seem like the only solution, it may not be the best.

Intimacy is a vital part of every relationship, and physical closeness is a huge part of maintaining that intimacy. So, separate beds could be more detrimental to your relationship than beneficial. Rather than reaching for a different mattress, try to locate the source of your fragmented nights. Are you not sleeping because he’s snoring? Buy yourself ear plugs, push him onto his side and encourage him to try nose-strips  or a similar anti-snore product. If his every movement opens your eyes, remember that you don’t have to be entwined in each other. Simply being within touching distance can suffice. If you still aren’t sleeping well, weigh the pros and cons before you stumble for the guestroom. A lot of couples are finding that they’d rather sleep fitfully than separately.

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