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Your Case of the Mondays Started on Sunday

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 10:50 am | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Morning AwakeningFriday night is a night of freedom. Two full days of no work stretch before you, daring you to fill them with needless activities, hours of lazing and nothing but sweatpants. You take this gift and run with it, heading out on the town to celebrate the close of the week. By the time you crawl into bed, you are exuberant yet exhausted. The moment your head hits the pillow, you are out. You sleep as you hadn’t in days. Saturday night sees a similar rest as you continue to revel in your weekend. But Sunday night . . . well, Sunday is a different story.

A study of 3,500 adults found that most experienced their worst night’s sleep on Sunday. In fact, more than a quarter admitted to calling in sick on Monday, because they were too tired to work. Of those that didn’t, many spent their Mondays distracted, cranky and drowsy, sometimes to the point of falling asleep at their desk. I’m sure that you can relate. The close of the weekend elicits, in everyone, a dread of returning to the office, a reminder of all of the things that should have been but weren’t completed previously and a fresh although premature dose of job-stress. All that compounded with a morning of snoozing, a day of lethargy and, quite likely, a large Sunday supper equals a poor night’s sleep, unless you do something to rectify the situation.

Try to stay as active and alert on Sunday as you can, so when you go to bed, your body and mind are tired, ready for rest. Since you know that you’ll have difficulty sleeping, avoid habits that could add to your tossing and turning: Limit the caffeine, perhaps opting for a bedtime tea. Unwind before you crawl under the covers rather than afterwards, and stay away from your cell phone. Studies have shown that a late-night chat or even just nodding off next to your mobile can make it more difficult to fall asleep and cut down on the amount of deep sleep you get. So tuck it away in a separate room, and then make sure that what’s left of your environment is as snooze-worthy as possible. Keep it dark, quiet and cool. Wear your most comfortable pajamas, and wrap yourself in your softest blanket. Curl up amidst the pillows, and drift off into dreamland, blissfully oblivious to the fact that Monday is just around the corner.

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