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You’ve Got Mail . . . But Do You Really Want It?

Filed Under: Sexual Health at 4:13 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
PostcardI love mail, of any kind. My day can be completely turned around by a snail, e- or voicemail message. I delight when my inboxes are stuffed with various forms of communication, and I take just as much pleasure in returning the favor. My favorite people are regularly inundated with what I call fascinating tidbits of information and what others call harassment. As such, I fully support the card industry. Electronic and paper notes are fun to browse, fun to send and fun to get . . . on almost every occasion.

I recently stumbled across Hallmark’s newest line of cards: Journeys.  The collection of messages is designed to send encouragement to friends coping with “real-life” situations. You can tell the ones you love that you’re there for them through their breakup, divorce, illness, new stage in life or, of course, diet. There are 16 cards specifically made to coach your best friend through her weight-loss endeavor. They range from the sickeningly sweet to the almost (but not quite) funny. You can also find, online, tips on how to offer additional support, personal stories and an outlet for your own inspiration. There’s no doubt that Hallmark is working to make you a better friend, but before you send that card, let’s hop on over to the receiving end.

Having dieted, I am fairly certain that, despite my mail-fondness, opening a “you can do it” weight-loss card would have resulted in violence rather than gratitude. I don’t care if while enjoying your morning muffin, you thought of me and my celery. In fact, I hope you didn’t. If you truly want to be supportive, there are better ways, less obnoxious ways, and I think you should definitely discover what they are. Dieters do fare better when they have help and encouragement. We’ve talked about that on various occasions. However, overbearing help and encouragement isn’t the way you want to go. But then, maybe that’s just me.

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