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Eating Before Exercising

Filed Under: Sports Nutrition at 10:46 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak, Senior Editor
MealPeople always debate whether or not they should eat before exercising. Some people may not like eating prior workout, generally not a good idea since lack of nutrients may affect the body.

The human system needs to get carbohydrates, protein and vitamins in order to produce energy. You need energy to workout. So, you need to eat before any type of exercise.

People complain they feel full after eating and can’t do anything right after a meal. That’s correct, even the fastest digestive system needs a fifteen to thirty minute break before physical activity.

However, small meals, fruits and lots of water can provide enough energy for your workout. You may wait up to an hour before starting your workout if you have a slow digestive system.

Supplements may also help, such a bar or an energy drink, providing almost the same as you get from a small meal. People suffering from digestive problems may want to try eating just a bar before exercising. It provides enough nutrients without the bloating sensation that can be very disturbing. A couple more tips may help you.

First, eat small portions and preferably light foods. Vegetables, chicken breast, rice, even pasta may be the ideal meal prior physical activity.

Second, try eating a full meal thirty to forty five minutes after finishing your workout. That’s perfect for people trying to lose weight as well as trying to gain muscle.

Lastly, do not continue exercising if you feel weak or full. People normally struggle to get results due to poor diet. Too much food before workout can be as bad as not enough food.

So, pace yourself. Eating properly prior exercising can be the secret to maximize results and accomplish a successful workout routine.

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  1. Remon van der Pol says:


    I have never eaten for months on end before excersizing and I never experienced dizzyness or a lack of energy. But then again, I am on a Intermittent Fasting (Google it) to which one of the benefits is that you have *more* energy during the day . For fat los, your best bet would be to eat only foods which do not trigger a huge insulin-spike in your blood. Foods which keep insulin-spikes low are, for example, fruits and vegetables.

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