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Enhance Performance with Beta-Alanine

Filed Under: Sports Nutrition at 5:23 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Olympics symbol for triathlon.Beta-alanine is one of the best selling sport supplements these days and there’s a reason for the success.

Several studies have clinically proven that beta-alanine can enhance performance in endurance athletes.

But what is beta-alanine and how does it work?

Beta-alanine is the result of an interesting process. Carnosine enters the digestive system and is hydrolyzed into histidine and beta-alanine, which is then synthesized back into carnosine by skeletal muscle.

Beta-alanine is the precursor to the production of intra-muscular carnosine, which buffers hydrogen ions, leading to an increase in pH-necessary for the balance between production and elimination of lactic acid.

Athletes need a perfect balance between lactic acid production and lactic acid elimination. During exercise, equilibrium in the pH levels is important to prevent muscles from lactic acid imbalance and, consequently, overall slowing of movement, physical strength and intensity.

Balanced pH levels can produce longer periods of intense training at increase intensity without any drop in performance. In addition, carnosine levels significantly drop with age, reducing the production of beta-alanine.

Recent studies have clearly shown beta-alanine can be an effective supplement to boost endurance training and maximize working capacity. Athletes may see significant improvements in power, strength, endurance performance and aerobic metabolism.

Beta-alanine is the perfect supplement for triathletes or anyone challenging the human body to its limits.

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2 Responses to “Enhance Performance with Beta-Alanine”

  1. aquamarinesea says:

    This looks good for people who are actively participating body fitness and challenges. I am just wondering if there are any effects regarding our teeth. Some sports drinks proved to have contained an ingredient which can strip off our teeth’s enamel.

  2. PJU says:

    I have successfully used Beta Alanine at 2-5 grams to stop my migraine headaches when they occur. Triptan drugs all stopped working for me and had side effects as well, but Beta Alanine has continued working after eight months of use, and there are zero side effects. I love this stuff! As far as teeth in response to aquamarinesea, I cannot think what negative benefit would come from BA. Phosphorous in some sport drinks, however, will destroy your tooth enamel. Also, too much citric acid may not be good (don’t know about this one for sure yet though).

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