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HMB May Help Prevent Muscle Damage

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness,Sports Nutrition at 2:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Muscle damageA recent study shows that HMB (Hydroxy beta-Methylbutyrate Monohydrate) supplements can help diminish muscle damage and prevent declines in readiness to train in athletes. The new HMB study was released in the British Journal of Nutrition. The purpose of the this particularly study was to determine the effects of short-term supplementation with the free acid form of b-hydroxyb-methylbutyrate (HMB-FA) on indices of muscle damage, protein breakdown, recovery and hormone status following a high-volume resistance training session in trained athletes.

A total of twenty resistance-trained males were recruited to participate in a high-volume resistance training session centered on full squats, bench presses and dead lifts. Subjects were randomly assigned to receive either a HMB supplement or a placebo. Immediately before the exercise session and 48h post-exercise, serum creatine kinase (CK), urinary 3-methylhistadine (3-MH), testosterone, cortisol and perceived recovery status (PRS) scale measurements were taken.

In conclusion, these results suggest that an HMB-FA supplement given to trained athletes before exercise can blunt increases in muscle damage and prevent declines in perceived readiness to train following a high-volume, muscle-damaging resistance-training session. These findings suggest that athletes seeking to speed recovery from high-volume, high-intensity training can do so by consumption of HMB-FA 30 min before exercise.

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