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Let’s Take Some Healthy Shots

Filed Under: Exercise and Fitness,Sports Nutrition at 6:30 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
ShotsProtein shots have become one of the most popular sports nutrition supplements in recent years. However, what is not so popular just yet, it’s the advantages and benefits of taking protein shots instead of traditional protein powder products.

Protein shots offer two great advantages: convenience and fast-acting. Regular protein drinks and bars contain additional ingredients not found in shots supplements. For example, protein shots contain basically just proteins and not loads of extra carbs, lactose, fat, and other ingredients. You don’t get the extra fat you get from meat or all that carbs and starch from beans, as well as all the extras from traditional protein powder that should have been filtered.

Additionally, when preparing a protein shake, the final result has volume and is likely that your body will be slower to absorb the protein from it.

Protein shots are fast-acting and its liquid form is well-known for being the fastest absorption form. Protein shots are so convinient that you can carry them with you at all times. Shots are perfect to be taken before workouts or when travelling. These tiny bottles can fit in your pocket, gym bags, purses and, best of all, they are always ready for comsumption. No mess, no wasting time preparing your protein drink. When you are away from your daily routine, protein shots work perfectly to keep your healthy habits even when you are on vacation.

Protein is so vital to the human body for muscle development and it also plays an essential role in several funcions including the immune system and the production of enzymes.


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