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Lucky Vitamin Presents: 4 Sports Life

Filed Under: Sports Nutrition at 5:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is proud to introduce 4 Sports Life products to our customers.

4 Sport Life is a dynamic, innovative company dedicated to the development, design and marketing of groundbreaking new generation of shaker-systems.

4 Sports Life had a goal to create an entirely new shaker system in order to simplify this impractical and clumsy procedure. The company wanted to develop a product to minimize the needless transportation of three different components shaker, powder supplement and liquid, as well as eliminating any possibility of contamination in the shake or soiling at the place or preparation.

The concept for this cutting edge shaker was successfully patented in 2005 and followed by one year of further ergonometric and technical development in partnership with world-renowned EDAG Engineering & Design AG in Germany, in order to synchronize perfect functionality and exclusive design. The result is a vanguard product, a stylish and unique high-tech sports drink shaker: the Shaker Pro.

Nutritional supplement in powder form for sport, diet, wellness and leisure activities are available worldwide. These powder-supplements are mixed or prepared with a liquid before consumption. In this process, it is crucial that these products are prepared freshly and immediately consumed because they can lose their effectiveness and taste in a very short period of time.

4 Sports Life Shaker Pro can create the perfect tasting shake every time with no impurities in the shake, and with minimum effort on preparation. No need to transport separate ingredients with you as the Shaker Pro is an “all in one” solution for everyone with an active lifestyle.

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