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Lucky Vitamin Presents: MPR

Filed Under: Sports Nutrition at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is happy to present a revolutionary brand of sports supplements: MPR

MPR offers a superior line of unique sports supplements designed for professional athletes and hardcore weight lifters. Sports nutrition companies normally use terms such as “new level” or “new concept of supplements” for their products. Forget about “a new level”, MPR will bring you to a new state of consciousness, where your inner freak is unleashed and your gains untamed.

MPR is raw ingredients in the right ratios. When combined with the sickening drive and determination of MPR athletes, MPR is launched into a class of its own. If you want to unleash your inner freak and leave them all behind, MPR supplements are your best choice.

MPR has developed supplements capable of taking you to non-human strengths, untouchable conditioning, and skin splitting veins. MPR can help you through some of the most grueling, psychotic workouts that demanded a product line that exceeded previously impossible expectations.

Lucky Vitamin is now offering this superior line of hardcore sports supplements at our discounted prices. MPR offers Pre-Workout Formulas and Amino Branched Chain Amino Acids, both products are available in orange, blue raspberry and fruit punch flavors.

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