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Moo-ve Over, Milk Prices are Going Up↑

Filed Under: Sports Nutrition at 12:22 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
CowWondering why your whey protein prices are going up? Well it’s linked to the same rise in milk prices. Whey is derived from high quality proteins found in milk. Across the globe, dairy prices are rising at extraordinarily fast rates. With growing demand in foreign countries and diminishing supplies here in the U.S., prices don’t look to be coming down anytime soon.

When it comes to dairy farming, its tricky business, and it becomes even more so when meat production offers one of the biggest pay returns. Sending dairy cows to slaughter for profit has helped increase the shortage of dairy products, along with the further decrease in availability of new dairy cows, brought on by the scare several years ago with the import of Canadian cows contaminated with mad cow disease. With dairy cattle falling short of the overabundance found in previous years, the use of hormones to increase milk production makes more sense for producers, but that’s also where many consumers are steering clear and buying organic. So when can we expect to see prices fall?

The price hike for dairy based products continues to rise, and it is very uncertain when prices will actually begin to fall. Until then, milk prices will remain high. Included in this price hike are milk products such as cheese, and to weightlifters chagrin, whey protein. If milk and whey play an important part in your life, I’m sure you’ll continue to take the hit. After all, most of us didn’t leave our vehicles sitting in the driveway over a measly (yet unsettling) few bucks for gasoline. Most likely, we’ll all continue to roll with the punches, pinching pennies where we can, and perhaps choosing substitutes for otherwise favorite products in favor of saving a little pocket change.

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