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Y Get Fit: Everything You Need In One Package

Filed Under: Sports Nutrition at 12:22 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
weights.jpgI’m too busy.  I’m too out of shape.  I don’t like going alone.  All of these are great excuses not to hit the gym.  But aren’t you tired of excuses?  It would be great if we could all take a pill that would provide all of the benefits of working out without the actual work, but it’s not feasible.  Not to mention you would miss out on the endorphin induced high achieved from a great round of exercise. 

In a March 2006 issue of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, research is sited boasting “incontrovertible evidence” that physical activity helps to ward off illness and disease that often leads to early death.  With this evidence, who can really afford not to put exercise on their list of priorities?  Physical activity doesn’t need to be difficult to achieve.  A brisk walk can get your heart rate up.  A few simple sets of reps with some free weights can boost muscle strength.  But the best way to stick to a workout routine is to find something that you can enjoy, that also provides health benefits. 

Why not join your local YMCA.  It’s affordable, convenient, and provides numerous ways to switch up your ho-hum workout routine.  There are classes for all different levels of fitness and ranges of age.  You can meet new people while doing something that you enjoy.  Swim, lift weights, use an elliptical, practice yoga or power lifting.  Whatever you desire, you can more often than not find it wrapped in one neat little gym package.  Go it alone for some much needed personal rejuvenation or join with a group of friends or family.  Most importantly, get out there and shake up your health.  The best thing about the Y, aside from affordability, is the diverse nature.  There are people from every age range and every level of fitness all joined together with one common theme: fitness for life and for health.  Check out your local YMCA today.

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