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25 Ingredients in Supplements That Aren’t Vegan

Filed Under: Supplements at 8:00 am | By: Jessica Justh

Being vegan isn’t easy. With a lifestyle choice that requires such a high level of discipline and determination, the that last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your supplements contain animal byproducts. Luckily, more and more supplement companies are noticing a need for vegan supplements like Source Naturals’ Vegan True line.

Vegan True’s line of 10 supplements are 100% free of any animal products or animal-derived ingredients and feature nutrients that are difficult to incorporate into a typical vegan diet (B-12, iron, protein, vitamin D). The line also features supplements that are hard to find in vegan form, such as glucosamine and omega-3s. Rounding out the Vegan True line are supplements important to overall health, such as CoQ10, Vitamin E, a comprehensive daily multiple and a powerful antioxidant formula. Many of the supplements in the line feature bioactive nutrients forms to support enhanced health benefits.

Next time you’re shopping for vegan vitamins and supplements stay clear of the ingredients below.

  1. Bone Meal – Derived from animal bones and can be found in calcium supplements.
  2. Carotene (Provitamin A, Beta Carotene) – Can come from animal tissue.
  3. Collagen – A fibrous protein in vertebrates.
  4. Cysteine (L-Form, Cystine) – Two amino acids which can come from animals.
  5. D3 – Some vitamin D dietary supplements source vitamin D3 from animals.
  6. Estrogen ( Estrone, Estradiol) – From cow ovaries and pregnant mares’ urine. Used in birth control pills.
  7. Fatty Acids – Can be one or any mixture of liquid and solid acids, caprylic, myristic , oleic, palmitic, stearic, behenic. Can be used in vitamins and supplements.
  8. Fish Liver Oil – Cod-liver oil and fish liver are used in vitamins and supplements.
  9. Fish Oil – Marine oil from marine mammals.
  10. Gelatin – A gelatinous protein obtained by boiling skin, tendons, ligaments or bones with water, from cattle and hogs.
  11. Glutamic Acid – An amino acid found widely in animal tissue and used as an antioxidant.
  12. Glycerides/Glycerine – From animal fat and used in some supplements.
  13. Lactose – A milk sugar taken from the milk of mammals.
  14. Lethicin (Choline, Bitartrate) – Present in all living organisms and obtained for commercial purposes from eggs, nerve tissue, blood, and milk. If it is made from “soy” it will be stated.
  15. Linoleic Acid – An essential fatty acid used in vitamins.
  16. Lipase – An enzyme from the stomachs and tongue glands of calves and lambs.
  17. Propolis – A resinous substance collected from bees.
  18. Progesterone – A steroid hormone which can be from animals.
  19. Steroids: Sterol – From various animal glands.
  20. Tyrosine – Sourced from chicken feathers.
  21. Vitamin A – Can come from fish-liver oil (e.g., shark-liver oil), egg yolks or other animal sources.
  22. Vitamin B12 — Usually from an animal source.
  23. Hyaluronic Acid – Sourced from rooster combs.
  24. Glucosamine – Made from shellfish.
  25. Chondroitin – Manufactured with the cartilage of sharks.


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