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7 Pillars That Make Mushrooms Magical

Filed Under: Supplements at 8:00 am | By: Jessica Justh
Magical Mushrooms

The seven primary constituents below explain the different “pillars” that support the immune enhancing effects of mushrooms.

1. Polysaccharides (ex. Alpha & Beta-glucans): Immune enhancing benefits

2. Glycoproteins (ex. PSK): Immune enhancing benefits

3. Triterpenes ( ex. Sterols): Hormone and immune support as well as mental health.

4. Lipids: Cholesterol modulating

5. Proteins (Enzymes): Antioxidants

6. Cyathane Derivatives (ex. erinacines & hericenones, nerve growth stimulant factors)

7. Secondary Metabolites

Mushrooms have been used cross-culturally for centuries as food, clothing, tools and medicinals. Examples include:

  • 7,000 year-old Tassilli cave paintings
  • Mushrooms found on 5,300-year-old Neolithic Otzi the Iceman
  • The ancient writings on mushrooms in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Traditional Chinese Herbal, dated 1644

Mushrooms have approximately 12,000 genes controlling the production of more than 200,000 compounds. Each mushroom species has a unique genetic make-up and molecular structure. Our ancestors have been experimenting with medicinal mushrooms for over thousands of years which provides us insights into the most beneficial mushrooms in existence. Host Defense selects the best-documented, scientifically-studied and safest functional mushrooms in nature that can be cultivated. From that data they have developed methodologies to sustainably cultivate these species.

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