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A Pill to Replace Your Krill

Filed Under: Supplements at 8:00 am | By: Jessica Justh
Krill Alternative


By now everyone knows that the omega-3s found in fish oils are good for our health. They can improve everything from heart health to cognitive function and beyond.  Unfortunately, acquiring these crucial fatty acids isn’t nearly as simple as it used to. Omega-3s are largely absent from our modern, industrialized food chain, pushed out in favor of an overabundance of omega-6s. Even the healthiest diets contain too many omega-6s and not enough omega-3s. Decades of scientific evidence indicates that this Essential Fatty Acid imbalance can contribute to chronic inflammation and a variety of other chronic and unpleasant health issues. The most beneficial omega-3s that we’re missing are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Purified fish oil is the best direct source of EPA and DHA.

Recently, krill oil has made some headway in popularity due to its bioavailability (ease of absorption and utilization), easy to swallow size and triple absorption of EPA and DHA… until now.  A leading fish oil manufacturer has come up with something even better.

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Phospholipids is the potent alternative to krill. Derived from sustainably sourced herring roe, it’s the perfect blend of triglyceride-form omega-3s and phospholipids.  This fish oil is making waves in the industry and has been recognized as one of the top omega products on the market, winning awards in the supplement industry.

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