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A Safe Formula to Control Cholesterol

Filed Under: Supplements at 10:50 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Cholesterol effects: narrowing of artery.A recent report shows that red yeast rice can be an alternative and safe way to control cholesterol levels.

The media has finally decided to give some exposure to the success of natural supplements. On the other hand, some people have been enjoying the benefits from natural products for many years.

Most of cholesterol-lowering drugs can be a lifesaver if you are at risk of heart disease. However, some people often have to stop taking statin prescription because they experience muscle pain, the most common side effect.

Popular cholesterol drugs work, but why would you risk taking it if you can enjoy the same benefits from safe, natural formulas?

Red yeast rice is proven to be an efficient cholesterol regulator. A daily dose of 1200mg of red yeast rice can significantly reduce bad cholesterol levels in few weeks. A couple of natural supplements may help to maximize results.

Fish oil supplements may be taken as well to support cardiovascular function. An average of 1000mg of fish oil supplement is suggested and can be safely taken on a daily basis. Remember, EPAs and DHAs from fish oil can also be a great product for your skin and hair.

In addition, the co-enzyme Q10 may be an important addition to a successful formula. CoQ10 supplementation is highly recommended not only for people fighting high cholesterol but to anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle.

CoQ10 supplements may help to treat several health concerns such as high blood pressure, kidney failure, type 2 diabetes and can significantly minimize the risk of heart attack.

A simple combination of three natural and safe products: red yeast rice, fish oil and CoQ10 can lower your cholesterol without the potential dangers of prescription drugs.

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