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Choline May Help Memory and Attention

Filed Under: Mental Wellbeing,Supplements at 10:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
CholineA new study shows that the nutrient choline may boost memory and attention. The study was published in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience and Behavioral Brain Research and was conducted by researchers from the University of Granada in Spain, Simon Bolivar University in Venezuela, and the University of York in the United Kingdom.

Choline has been known as a brain support product and quite e few supplements for mood and mind support may contain this form of vitamin B as an ingredient. Choline is naturally found in eggs, chicken and beef liver, soy, and wheat germ and it has been found to improve memory and attention in a variety of studies.

For this particular study, researchers conducted two experiments designed to test the effects of vitamin B intake on cognitive skills. In the first experiment, pregnant rats were fed choline-rich, standard, or choline-deficient diets. When their offspring had reached adult age, they were divided into three groups: one of which received choline supplements, one received no choline, and the third was fed a standard diet. The results showed the offspring of rats fed a prenatal choline-rich diet were significantly better in tests designed to measure memory than those in the other two groups. In the second experiment, the researchers measured changes in attention among adult rats fed a choline supplement for 12 weeks, compared with those with no choline intake or on a standard diet. The results showed rats fed choline had better attention than the others.

The findings suggest dietary supplements of choline might offer a new way to prevent or even treat memory loss and attention issues, which are common among older Americans.

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