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Clean Your Teeth with Garbage!

Filed Under: Supplements at 4:11 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
Wine BottlesTo make the perfect red wine, a vintner takes the grape on a journey that begins at the vine and ends in the bottle. The plump fruit, plucked from the fields, is separated from its stem, crushed, macerated and fermented. This process leaves the winemaker with a vat filled both with solids and liquids. If the solids remained, the resulting product would be harsh, overwhelmingly tannic and less refined than the desired red. So they – the seeds and skins – are taken out and discarded, before the remainders are pressed, fermented again, blended, aged and finally bottled.  In the end, you have in your hand, a pinot noir, cabernet franc, merlot or Shiraz, and in your garbage pail, an excessive amount of grape waste. What should you do with the refuse?

If you’re an avid reader, as I’m sure you are, you have already answered the question with an exuberant, “grape seed extract!!” You know that the substance has been proven to strengthen the cardiovascular system in a way most products cannot. And you’re right, the best thing to do with the leftover seeds and skins is to make grape seed/skin extract, but not just for heart health.

Researchers have found that the powerful polyphenols found in grape seeds and skins can help debilitate the bacteria that cause cavities. They tested the waste from a cabernet franc, pinot noir, noiret and baco noir, and found that the bacteria was inhibited by up to 85 percent. What’s even better is that this occurred without damage to the mouth’s “good” bacteria (Often, antibiotics will kill all present bacteria, leaving the body wide open for further and more harmful infestation). It is hoped that the future will see a grape skin mouth rinse, but until then continue taking the extract. And know that you are not only ridding your body of harmful bacteria but the world of waste, as well.


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