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Cosmetic Surgery and Popping Pills: Honey, We Need To Talk…

Filed Under: Supplements,Women's Health at 2:32 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
silicone_gel-filled_breast_implants_edited.jpg A woman’s body is a very touchy subject. In fact, as a disclaimer, most men reading this should not discuss this article with their significant other unless said discussion involves one of the following phrases a.) Honey, why on earth would you ever want to change your body b.) You’re gorgeous c.) I love you. Disclaimer No. 2, under no circumstances should answer C be used in the form of an apology. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets move onward…and outward? Move over breast augmentation. There’s a new pill in town. Several actually, that are marketed as breast enhancement aids.

From a woman’s perspective, there aren’t too many of us that wouldn’t mind having a little extra to hold up those summer tops, but do these new pills really work? And if so, are they safe? The answers: maybe and who knows. Even medications that have been approved by the FDA hit the market only to be reevaluated years later for negative side effects. We can only guess as to the effectiveness and safety of these pills. Though they are herbal supplements, most people take these breast enhancement pills as a self-prescribed supplement. Without consulting a specialist, the various herbal components have the potential for interacting negatively with normal prescription medication, even birth control pills. Be cautious, as any supplement that has the potential to increase breast size is making changes in your body, most likely dealing with estrogen and hormone levels.

Natural, healthy supplements can greatly increase the quality of your life when used properly with awareness and knowledge. Yet, in this case, I say it is always a good idea to err on the side of caution. Ask yourself, am I willing to put my health at risk for my appearance? Discuss your questions with a specialist to better understand how the ingredients in these products may affect your body in particular. Or you can always use my old friend’s advice, who still swears that eating lots of calcium fortified cheese and protein boosting chicken, followed by a healthy round of pushups, will definitely help your boobs grow. The jury is still out on that one, but feel free to give it a shot. And one last helpful hint for you aforementioned men: When having this or any discussion with a woman…her eyes are always located above the neck.

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