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Deciphering Health Supplements: I Thought Cod Was Fish?

Filed Under: Supplements at 10:44 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
CodHave you ever gone to a health store, stood in front of a specific supplement that you were planning to buy, and then stared at the ingredients of two products for so long your head hurt?  What really is the difference between the two?  One has more of one supplement, but perhaps that supplement isn’t necessary.  Or maybe both have the same ingredients but are listed under different names.  Do you trust anyone in the store to know the difference?

I, personally, always go into the store thinking I know what I’m talking about just to discover that I’m more confused than ever.  I started a search today to try and clarify the difference between fish oil and cod liver oil.  Fish oil contains a high concentration of omega-3, yet cod liver oil does as well.  The main difference here is the presence of vitamin A and D in cod liver oil.  Then I say to myself, good, the cod liver oil is clearly better.  But wait.  If you take cod liver during the summer months, you risk overdosing on vitamin D, which is also formed in the body when in the presence of sunlight.  So maybe the fish oil is better.  But then in the winter, many people have a vitamin D deficiency, so the cod liver oil would be better.

I guess you could buy different supplements during different seasons.  So then what about the vitamin A?  Do we really need any more vitamin A than we get in our normal diet?  Cod liver oil has a rather high dose of both vitamin A and D.  Looking at all of the information, I can’t really help you make an informed decision.  You have to know your own body, know what you’re looking for, and be willing to discuss your questions and decisions with your doctor.  I simply wish to make you aware that there are REAL differences between supplements, and it is ALWAYS a good idea to know what you’re putting into your body.

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