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Discovering Guaraná

Filed Under: Herbs,Supplements at 4:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
GuaranaDuring last month’s FIFA Confederations Cup held in Brazil, the Tahitian national soccer team made headlines when players discovered guaraná, Brazilian’s famous drink. Tahitian athletes started to drink guaraná during their stay and the majority of them really enjoyed the taste of this tropical beverage. Known for its good taste and easy-to-drink flavor, guaraná is also a great energy booster.

Guaraná is originally from the Amazon region and very popular in Brazil and other South America countries. The tropical fruit contain very high levels of caffeine in its seeds as one seed of guaraná contains five times more caffeine than an average coffee bean. Several energy drink products are now including guaraná in their formulas not just because of its potent energy levels but also for its delicious taste. Guaraná is also used in sweetened or carbonated soft drinks but with significantly lower levels of caffeine.

In addition, guaraná products are available in supplement form and are considered efficient, safe energy boosters. Natural energy supplements may also contain guaraná in formulas designed for fat burner, weight-loss, athletic performance enhancers, and products to stimulate the mental function. In the United States, guaraná holds a GRAS-status, i.e. generally recognized as safe but, like any other energy booster, it’s recommended to take it wisely and avoid higher doses before bedtime.

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