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Find A New Thrill On Blueberry Hill

Filed Under: Herbs,Supplements at 10:56 am | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
blueberries.jpgSummer brings some of the best fruits and vegetables around, and the deep purple and blue hue of the blueberry is high on this list of delectable and nutritious fruits.  Not only do they make a great pie or cobbler, but they also give your body the antioxidant punch it needs to fight off those dangerous free radicals floating around in the body.  Eat them from dusk till dawn and you’ll be providing lasting results that will follow you all the way into your twilight years. 

Blueberries have long been researched for their health benefits.  In particular, blueberries have been shown to protect, preserve and even reverse the effects of aging on the brain.  Studies from the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center and Tufts University have both found these powerful age-related affects of the blueberry.  Other studies have also found the antioxidant capabilities of the blueberry to help reduce LDL cholesterol that can lead to cardiovascular problems, while also contributing to eye health and many other areas of the body.  The antioxidant capabilities of the blueberry, attributed to the anthocyanin that also gives the blueberry its color, are limitless.

Control inflammation, improve your memory and lower your cholesterol.  Pick some blueberries at a local festival or visit the nearest farmers market for some fresh picked goodness.  Bake up a pie, a cobbler or even some blueberry pancakes and feel good doing it.  And for the off-season, invest in some blueberry supplements to keep the antioxidants flowing.

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