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Grape Seed Extract: The Goodness of Grapes

Filed Under: Supplements at 2:23 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
GrapesOh, grapes! What would we do without grapes? There’d be no wine, no grape jelly, no raisins, no grape gazpacho. There would be nothing to stomp to a pulp in huge vats littering vineyards throughout the country, nothing to lazily pop into our mouths as we’re fanned with giant palm fronds. We’d be missing the burst of juice that erupts from the perfect, plump grape as we bite into it. We’d be at a huge loss, and, more importantly, we’d be considerably less healthy.

More and more evidence proves that grapes can play a vital part in helping the body stay healthy. Science Daily recently reported that studies suggest grapes deter cognitive loss, enhancing both long and short term memory, and help lower blood pressure. But the most supported connection between grapes and health is their ability to lessen the risk for cardiovascular disease. They not only reduce the occurrence of inflammation and platelet aggregation but also help prevent the effects of oxidant damage, which lead to kidney, liver and heart muscle damage, better than vitamins C, E and beta-carotene.

Great, grapes are good for you, and you’d eat them constantly if you could. But, let’s face it; consistent grape popping can get a little old. And there are only so many ways to work grapes into different recipes. In fact, considering how long it took to come up with grape gazpacho, I’d say there is a very limited number of ways to eat grapes. Then what else can you do to reap the benefits of these little guys? Supplement! Grape Seed Extract is a great, all natural way to get that grape goodness. Plus with the extract, you don’t have to worry about bruised or sour grapes, which could result in a decidedly negative reaction to a decidedly positive fruit.

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  1. Meghan says:

    I knew grapes were healthy, but what great benefits they offer! Is there any difference in the nutrients/benefits between green and purple grapes? This really is fascinating.

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