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Health Benefits of Lecithin

Filed Under: Supplements at 3:06 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lecithin supplements are one of the top selling items at Lucky Vitamin but some customers often ask about this interesting product.

Lecithin is the common term for a purified substance called phosphatidyl choline, which belongs to a special category of fat-soluble substances called phospholipids. Soybeans, egg yolks, liver, oatmeal, cabbage, and cauliflower all contain choline.

Studies have shown that lecithin has the ability to break up cholesterol into small
particles which can be easily handled by the system. With sufficient intake of lecithin, cholesterol cannot build up against the walls of the arteries and veins maintaining perfect blood flow and preventing clogged arteries.

Lecithin is continuously produced in the liver (like cholesterol), and pass into the intestine with bile and then, absorbed in the blood. It helps in the transportation of fats but it also helps the cells to remove fats and cholesterol from the blood.

Additionally, lecithin increases the production of bile acids made from cholesterol, thereby reducing the amount in the blood. Consequently, cholesterol can cause trouble only if lecithin is lacking in the system.

Lecithin can support several other health conditions. Taking lecithin supplements or eating foods rich in lecithin can improve physical state as well as help with arthritis in the joints, headaches, cardiovascular function and even weight loss. Moreover, lecithin products can be valuable in the treatment of certain skin problems including acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Regular intake of lecithin can produce great alertness in elderly people. It may also help fight infection and increase immunity against pneumonia. In combination with vitamin E, lecithin has proved helpful in lowering the requirements of insulin in diabetics. However, lecithin should not be taken by everyone, check with your physician before purchasing supplements.

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2 Responses to “Health Benefits of Lecithin”

  1. Anthony La Russo says:

    I like the “Now” brand Sunflower Lecithin that Lucky carries. They are one of the few companies I could find that carries it. There are not many sources of soy-free Lecithin, but Now makes this very reasonably-priced brand. I like knowing that I’m not having more (unfermented) Soy than I need, as this can be one of the most common allergens. Never had a problem with Sunflower. Very satisfied.

  2. becca says:

    Sunflower Lecithin in powder form. Very easy to mix into smoothies and soups etc

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