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Interesting Facts About Fish Oil

Filed Under: Supplements at 7:14 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Atlantic SalmonMost people understand the health benefits of taking a fish oil supplement.

The media is finally giving fish oil products some attention after years of unreliable articles and lack of interest on the subject.

We can finally see more information regarding omega-3s everywhere, not just in newspapers and magazine. Companies are adding informative facts on boxes and labels of products.

The interest on fish oil has grown due to its extensive list of benefits. Lowering cholesterol levels is the main reason people add omega-3 to their diet.

However, fish oil support several health issues. Daily omega-3 supplementation may help cardiovascular health, eye and vision health, brain and nerve function, the immune system and joint support. It’s also a great product to maintain healthy skin.

But questions still arise when purchasing a fish oil product. Here’s a little help to answer the three most common questions.

Is fish oil from Norway better? Yes, fish oil from deep, cold ocean-water fish is generally high quality. The North Atlantic waters near Norway are a perfect place for fresh fish free of chemicals.

Are pharmaceutical grade products higher quality? No, it’s a strategic term for selling fish oils. Any company may add this information on their label. Therefore, it does not guarantee a better quality of stronger strength of fish oil.

Is fish oil a more complete product than flax oil? Yes, fish oil has more nutritional value than flax oil. But most important, fish oil provides omega-3s, an ingredient lacking and not widely distributed in most diets, such as vegetable oils and animal meats.

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