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Joint Pain? Rescue, Relief, Results

Filed Under: Supplements at 11:26 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
KneeThe human body is such an incredible machine. Every single part of our system works in such a synchronized perfection: organs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc. We tend not to realize that until we have a problem.

Like any other machine, the human body also has malfunctions. Joint related problems are a common issue in the human body, with the majority of the cases being results of repetitive actions.

Most of us have had some sort of joint or tendon issue, or at least know someone struggling with a bad knee. We are more likely to have joint problems as we age, but young people may also have serious troubles.

Some injuries may occur at work, due to repetition of the same movement, tendinitis is a typical example of an inflammation of a tendon. Knees are the number one case of joint injuries, but elbows, wrists, and ankles are very easily affected as well. Jobs that require constant standing can hurt our knees or ankles, as the body weight is all day long “charging” our joints. Office jobs can be just as bad for our knees or the lower back, as knees are in locked position when we are seated.

Most products for joint support will not offer immediate results, as our systems do not quickly react to most ingredients. However, the continue use of certain products could provide incredible results. Glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and hyaluronic acid are the top natural products for joint support. A combination of these ingredients is the best way to get better and faster results. A few tips can also help you:

First, our system normally absorbs liquid better than tablets, especially for senior citizens. Therefore, if you feel the supplement isn’t working, you may want to try a liquid form.

Second, a few more ingredients could be taken for healthy joints and connective tissues. Fish oil, collagen, natural cyclooxygenase (also known as COX-2) and calcium may improve your joints and overall health.

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3 Responses to “Joint Pain? Rescue, Relief, Results”

  1. Joint Support Fan says:

    Very informative post, I have been researching the topic of joint and bone support for a while now and this is one of the best things I have read online to date! I am a bit older and have been feeling my age lately so I started to do some research online and see what my options were short of bothering my doc. I must admit, I was pretty shocked to see some posts about the success people have had with MSM, Chondroitin and Glucosamine. So, I started looking online (savvy in my old age ;).

    I am about to make my first purchase and was wondering if anyone here has had any experience buying supplements online? Seems like a great way to go, I even found a local retailer right down the street with great deals…but before I jump on the bandwagon I figured I would ask the alum. So whatcha got for me?

  2. Knut Holt says:

    Supplements are if value, but it is also important to treat your body in a proper vay. Here are some Advices:

    – Variate the way you sit or stand during work and other activities. Any position will exert pressure at certain areas of your body and restrict the flow of blood and lymph through these areas. There is no sitting and standing position that are so physiologically correct that it should be held a long time. Frequent variations of your position will ensure that no body area will get a restricted blood flow over a long time.

    – Take a break at regular intervals where you walk a little around. This can often be done without interrupting your work. Most people have activities during the day that require sitting, walking and standing. Just blend these activities throughout the day.

    – When you are doing hard physical work of any kind, do not have a heavy work load at the same body parts for a long time. Try to switch between task so that you variate your work load.

    – Have some exercise for your muscle strength at lest every third day. Weight-lifting is a good method of training up your muscle strength. You do not need to train with very heavy heights to make your muscles and joints much more resistant against wearing and injuries. Moderately heavy weights that everyone can lift is good enough for this purpose. Sport activities like playing ball, skiing or swimming where you use your whole body will give the same positive effect and in addition they will strengthen your condition. Activities like jogging or cycling are good for your lower body, but they must be combined with activities that also strengthen your upper body.

    – Take a few minutes to stretch out every day. Have also a good session of stretching exercises at last every third day. It is important to take time to stretch out every part of your body in every natural direction. If your back or some limb is excessively curved or bended toward one particular direction, it is important to stretch out enough time in the opposite direction. Yoga is a good way of stretching out.

    – A good diet will give your joints and muscles greater resistance against damage and stimulate to faster healing of small damages that occasionally occur. Food containing omega-3 fatty acids are especially valuable, like fish, seafood, marine oils, flaxseed oil and olive oil.

    Best regards
    Knut Holt

  3. Melissa says:

    Although this thread is a bit old, I can certainly add to the discussion for future readers. Although pretty young (in my twenties), I was suffering from cracking and popping with any minor movement I made, I had a painful wrist from doing very precise and intense woodcarving and was generally very stiff all over. I figured it was just all part of getting older, but was always curious as to why I didn’t notice audible sounds in my older friends. I happened to be listening to some talk radio one day and they had a gentleman on, speaking about the benefits of HA and how it lubricates the joints and provides noticeable relief and results very quickly so I did my research and found a reputable company and ordered a 90 day supply. I wasn’t expecting such a quick and noticeable difference! Within a week, my joints stopped popping, within a week and a half, my wrist pain was almost un-noticeable. I am totally hooked and don’t want to experience life without these supplements. I recommend you research HA and try it for yourself.

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