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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Atacora Essential

Filed Under: Supplements at 1:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is happy to present Atacora Essential products to our customers. Established in Boukombé, Benin, West Africa, the company supports health and wellness by providing unique 100% pure and natural products traditionally manufactured by the Batammaba people of the Boukombé.

Atacora Essential is committed to harvesting and marketing specialty products sustainably. Located 10 kilometers from Boukombé in the small rural village of Kouporgou, the Batammaba people have long known the significant nutritional and health benefits of many indigenous forest and agricultural products.

Atacora practices and encourages reforestation and sustainable farming practices. The company does not overexploit resources and will not encourage planting cash crops at the expense of local sustenance. All products are wild-harvested and organically grown, and workers and suppliers are treated and compensated according to Fair Trade guidelines.

Atacora Essential main products are baobab fruit pulp and neem seed oil.

Baobab is a super fruit from West Africa, wild crafted with a delicious sweet/tart flavor. Pure unprocessed and fairly traded, this gluten free product has tremendous nutritional value and contains more vitamin C than oranges, more calcium than milk, as well as many other nutrients. It is a significant source of soluble fiber (pectin) for digestive health and has significant antioxidant properties with a reported ORAC value of 650/g, double the amount of Goji berry.

Neem seed oil is an antioxidant very rich in Omega 9 (oleic acid), palmitic and stearic acids. It has moisturizing and healing properties for the skin and it’s often used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including psoriasis, fungal infections, cuts, scrapes, bruises and infections. It is also an excellent natural insect repellent for personal, pet and garden uses.

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