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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Berries For Life

Filed Under: Supplements at 11:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is introducing a superior line of natural supplements created from dark berries: Berries for Life.

Berries for Live wants to share the health benefits of dark berries. Considered the better berries, dark berries concentrate more powerful anthocyanins, deliver more potent antioxidants, and provide the highest level of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory health and wellness benefits. The darker the berry, the more anthocyanins are present.

All berry phytonutrients are beneficial but they are not all equal. Berries for Life focus on concentrate only on the best nutrients. A significant number of studies have shown that dark berry antioxidants are beneficial for cardiovascular health, reducing age-associated oxidative stress, improving neuronal and cognitive brain function as well as ocular health, and protecting genomic integrity.  In addition, dark berry antioxidants have been shown to enhance the immune system and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Berries for Live produces every product with unique berry antioxidants and phytonutrients, delivering the health benefits of dark berries in every serving, and enabling you to maintain health and wellness.

Every product goes through extensive research and all supplements are scientifically-documented, well-formulated, and provide the highest-potency featuring dark berries like aroniaberry, elderberry, black currant, blueberry, and cranberry. The extracts come from the highest quality raw materials grown from specially cultivated crops, with independent lab testing to guarantee the level of active dark berry phytonutrients. From the growing fields to the lab, everything is guided by the passion to share the knowledge about the health benefits of dark berries.

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