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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Dr. Shen’s

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Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another top quality brand of supplements: Dr. Shen’s.

Dr. Shen’s was founded in 1993 at the Shen Clinic in Berkeley California to provide an alternative to imported Chinese patent medicines, which contain impurities, are improperly labeled, and made with lesser grade herbs.

Dr. Shen’s supplements are made with premium grade wild crafted herbs, and  all authentic patent remedies are created without any drugs, dyes, animal products, endangered species (plant or animal), or unlisted ingredients. The company manufactures safer products using higher-grade herbs, FDA compliant labels, and no hidden drugs or additives.

Dr. Shen’s imports only whole herbs, never herbal powders and, therefore, the company is able to inspect the appearance and quality of all herbs, and insure the correct herb is used for each product.

Fully insured contractors in the United States are responsible for all milling, mixing, slurring, baking, tableting, packaging, and testing to ensure accountability as well as a quality product from start to finish. Standardized extracts are rarely used except when herbs actually benefit from the process of extraction. Each batch is tested for dissolvability, mold, harmful bacteria, and heavy metals. Tablets are bound with a proprietary mixture of simple vegetable gums, then shaped and coated for easy swallowing.

Dr. Shen’s modern, FDA inspected pharmaceutical plants test all tablets to meet FDA guidelines for dissolvability. Additionally, each batch is tested for purity and all products are guaranteed to meet World Health Organization standards for herbal medicines.

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