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Lucky Vitamin Presents: Navitas Naturals

Filed Under: Supplements at 4:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Lucky Vitamin is proud to present another top quality brand of products to our customers: Navitas Naturals.

Navitas Naturals specializes in organic and wild-crafted functional foods and strives to lead the industry in this expanding market. Health conscious consumers choose their nutrient rich products because they are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All Navitas’ premium quality “superfoods” are free of additives and trans fats.

Navitas Naturals’ mission is to provide premium organic functional foods that increase energy and enhance health. Part of that effort is to continually search for the world’s most beneficial foods. “Navitas”, Latin word for energy, is a certified organic, green business headquartered in Marin County, California.

Food philosophy is simple: nutrient rich whole foods are best produced using organic agricultural methods with minimal processing. Focusing on both food safety and nutrition, Navitas Naturals handles premium superfoods with care, including third party testing for all products. Navitas Naturals facility is organic, kosher and GMP/HACCP certified and the company utilizes methods such as freeze-drying and low temperature processing to ensure maximum nutrition and safety.

In addition, Navitas Naturals is committed to socially and environmentally responsible business practices, sourcing premium functional foods through direct partnerships with farming communities around the world. An essential part of Navitas’ mission is to create economic opportunities among indigenous people in developing countries, and the support of native agriculture helps expand development of global organic farming practices.

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  1. maria.lisa222 says:

    I hope that would be a great addition in your awesome product line. I would definitely try it and get the benefits of it.

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