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LuckyVitamin Presents Thymuskin!

Filed Under: Supplements at 2:51 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Norwood/Ludwig ChartThe battle against hair loss has added a new soldier: Thymyskin.

This top quality line of products is now available at at your always discounted low prices.

Thymuskin is an alternative for men and women struggling with hair loss. Studies have showed that natural supplements and vitamins may support a healthy hair and, therefore, prevent hair loss.

The most common form of baldness is the loss of some of the hair from the head and progressive hair thinning. Males usually start receding hair from the lateral sides of the forehead, normally starting at the age of 25. The forehead area, popular called “hairline”, is the most visible and first to suffer the effects of hair loss.

Thymuskin promotes real, full, thick healthy hair, boosting a protective coating on the scalp and protecting hair follicles from DHT (a powerful active metabolite of the hormone testosterone).

DHT is responsible for the majority of cases of hair loss and it can adversely affect the hair on the head, as well as the prostate. Thymuskin is developed to minimize the effects of DHT, promoting healthy hair and scalp. It has been tested at major university medical centers, with all products stimulating new hair growth.

This new line offers a Med-Hair treatment gel, a hair treatment product to be applied on your scalp, a shampoo and a rinse conditioner.

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2 Responses to “LuckyVitamin Presents Thymuskin!”

  1. Blake Schemmer says:

    Very informative article. I’ve found your blog via Google and I’m really glad about the information you provide in your articles. Anyhow keep up the good work!

  2. askjohn.green48 says:

    Yeah I agree with the author that vitamin supplements are very useful in fighting hair fall. I was experiencing hair fall 1 year back. So I went to the doctor and he prescribed me Vitamins Capsules and Biotin and Mineral tablets as well. I have observed that since then my hair loss has been reduced considerably.

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