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Melatonin, Good Night!

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Good night!

Many people struggle to sleep well every night and try different things to sleep better.

Some people try drinking tea or milk before bedtime to improve sleep. Watching TV and reading books are some other popular tricks to fall asleep. A naturally occurring hormone can be another alternative: melatonin.

Melatonin has been used for years and it may help you getting better and longer nights of sleep, and consequently more energy in your life.

Melatonin can help with the two major sleeping issues.

First, falling asleep is a very common problem for several people every night. In average, it takes at least ten minutes for most people to fall asleep, but many people need at least half hour to get into deep sleep. Several reasons may stop you from falling asleep, such as noise, stomach problems, stress, inability to promote relaxation (body and mind), lack of concentration, etc.

Second, many people struggle to have a relaxing night of sleep, without waking up several times per night. Uninterrupted sleep is hard to accomplish but is essential to recharge your system and you can wake up full of energy the next morning.

The primary use of melatonin as a supplement may be as a natural aid to better sleep. However, melatonin may also build up the immune system and support the endocrine system as well.

Dosages may very depending on the person. Products offer from 0.5 mg to 5mg of melatonin. Large doses of melatonin can even be counterproductive. Check with your health practitioner before start taking melatonin.

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