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Natural Ways to Boost Energy Before a Workout

Filed Under: Diet & Weight Loss,Exercise and Fitness,Supplements at 7:00 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
EnergyWe’ve all been there—you need to get fired up for your workout, but can’t quite figure out how to get the proper boost? We have a few tips can be to keep your exercise routine going. Some people opt to avoid hardcore energy boosters and strong pre-workout supplements and that’s absolutely no problem, as we have a few natural ways to boost energy before your workout.

First, we tend to think about caffeine when planning a quick way to increase energy prior to a workout and there is a good reason for this way of thinking. Caffeine acts fast to promote mental alertness but only for a temporary period of time. Remember: caffeine doesn’t have to come from coffee or energy drinks as teas (hot and cold) and natural juices, such as acai, contain this popular energy enhancer.

Additionally, vitamins are essential for energy levels particularly B vitamins. Why not taking a B-Complex tablet or a multivitamin before your workout? The results may surprise you as B vitamins have the ability to disperse the energy from food throughout the bloodstream. Keep in mind that being deficient or at low levels of either vitamins or minerals has a direct impact to the inability to function at maximal efficiency.

Rounding up our natural ways to get fired up for a workout is a pretty easy one: rest. Working out when feeling tired is one of the most common mistakes people make on a regular basis. For example, after a long day, many people hit the gym directly after work, without proper nutrition and adequate rest. Don’t do that. Eat a well-balanced, not-heavy meal, ideally with carbs, take a power-nap, 15 to 30 minutes and then start your workout. These two simple tips can give you a rush of new energy for your workout.

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  1. Bizukia says:

    Take a 15-30 min nap before working out? Who is this person?! Most of us dont work from home. This nugget of advice is impractical.

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