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New Brands Showcase: Vida Lifescience

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Liposome nutrients. Keep this name in mind as it might be important next time you buy supplements.

Liposome based nutrients have the highest absorption rates and are the most effective way for supplements to enter the bloodstream. Enclosing the vitamin in a liposome allows the vitamin to pass through the stomach acids and bile salts in the digestive (GI) tract and into the bloodstream without causing stomach or intestinal distress.

Liposomal technology is a proven system that protects the supplement from breaking down in the gastric system, efficiently delivering nutrients to the bloodstream. Traditional oral and pill based nutrients deliver, on average, just 10-20% of their nutrients into the blood stream. The majority is lost in the gastric system where it is broken down and eliminated, noticed by discolored urine. Liposomal supplements deliver up to 90% of the nutrient to the bloodstream, making these supplements typically 4.5 times stronger.

Lucky Vitamin is happy to introduce Vida Lifescience supplements to our customers, a premium brand of liposomal supplements.

Vida Lifescience is focused on selling and promoting the highest grade nutritional supplements available in the world. Passionate about the science and health benefits of advanced technology driven nutrients, Vida Lifescience produces a number of unique cutting-edge nutritional supplements which contain NON-GMO all-natural phosphatidylcholine-based liposomes as a nutrient transport technology.

You can save even more when you shop Vida Lifescience supplements at Lucky Just enter the promo code JULY16NEW16 at checkout to get an extra on all items of this new brand.

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