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PB 8 Pro-Biotic Acidophilus

Filed Under: Supplements at 2:31 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor

PB8Several years ago, a new craze developed where nearly everyone became obsessed with anti-bacterial soap. Aside from washing your hands during the appropriately designated times, everyone seemed to be carrying around those mini bottles of antibacterial gel and lotion. Yet, we were soon informed that over use of antibacterial products could potentially eliminate good bacteria. To take that one step further, like taking too many antibiotics, the bacteria can eventually grow stronger and become nearly immune to antibacterial products. So it’s no surprise that now the new craze is for introducing “healthy” bacteria into the bodies system. And this time, health practitioners seem excited about the new fad. Various types of beneficial bacteria can help fend off the bad stuff and add balance to your intestinal tract. If you’re looking to introduce some healthy bacteria into your body, look for Nutrition Now’s PB 8 Pro-Biotic Acidophilus. This brand contains eight types of beneficial bacteria that support a healthy intestinal tract and immune system. Feel free to give healthy bacteria a shot, but as always check with your healthcare practitioner in advance to see how this product might interact with other supplements or medication you may be taking. And as always, if you are pregnant or nursing, please steer clear.

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