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Perfect Time to Buy Probiotics

Filed Under: Supplements at 4:58 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
ProbioticsProbiotics are dietary supplements of live microorganisms, such as bacteria or yeasts, thought to be healthy for the host organism. Yogurt is the most famous source of live probiotics. However, probiotic supplementation has become more popular as the media has finally decided to give more exposure to this important product.

In recent years, probiotics have become one of the top sellers in health food stores and websites in the United States. People are leaning the benefits of taking probiotics because they can assist the body’s naturally occurring gut flora. Probiotics are able to convert sugars and other carbohydrates into lactic acid, which can prevent gastrointestinal infections.

Doctors generally recommend probiotics after a course of antibiotics to reestablish the bacteria levels in the body. In other words, antibiotics may decrease the number of “good bacteria” which may work well with our bodies, allowing the harmful bacteria to thrive, to the detriment of our health.

In addition, probiotics may strength the immune system and support issues such as allergies, stress and other diseases.

The spring is the best time of the year to purchase probiotics. Products contain live cells and are generally made to support some heat. However, exposure to very high or very cold temperatures may affect the potency of the product.

Mild temperatures make the spring the best time to purchase probiotics because even an extended transit time from the store to your house should not interfere with the quality of the product. Stock up now, and avoid ordering probiotics in the heat of the summer.

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