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Probiotics May Reduce Obesity

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Supplements at 12:30 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
ObesityA recent study shows that probiotic supplements may help in reducing obesity and diabetes. The study, published by the peer reviewed Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC), concluded that weight gain and insulin resistance was suppressed by the influence of gut flora, which resulted in the release of hormones that specifically reduce food cravings and promote glucose tolerance, both helpful for preventing obesity and diabetes type 2. Those hormone releases were linked to the increased levels of a short chain fatty acid (SCFA) butyrate created by certain intestinal wall cells from the probiotic supplement’s influence. The study used a probiotic product which offers a variety of bacteria count strengths that can be purchased online or in pharmacies or, at its highest bacteria count, has to be prescribed.

Probiotics supplements have been used to support the digestive system as well as enhance the immune system for many years. Additionally, probiotics can help to synthesize important vitamins, nutrients and enzymes, such as lactase, necessary to digest the lactose inherent in dairy products. Many people may use other supplements for diet and weight loss but probiotics have a very important advantage over these products: probiotics are great for your health. For example, probiotics provide essential gut friendly bacteria and should be taken particularly after taking antibiotics, which normally get rid of all types of bacteria, good and bad. Other conditions, such as chronic candida overgrowth, may require a dramatic intervention with more heavily loaded probiotic supplements than what’s generally available in foods or even some probiotic supplements.

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