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Res-Q’s Pre-Rescue Mission

Filed Under: Supplements at 2:38 pm | By: Susan Coyle, Senior Editor
RescueYou’re always told that it’s never too late – never too late to pick up positive habits, turn around your health, and fight the conditions developing or already developed in your body – and while that is true, it is even more true that it’s never too early. You can never be faulted for taking the steps to prevent heart disease, diabetes or anything else that could hinder your wellbeing. That is why Res-Q has devoted much time and money to creating products that will maximize your health before a problem arises or at the very least, before it becomes too much of a problem.

Res-Q 105, for example, with pumpkin pentose is for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes. It is designed to help you control your glucose, reducing blood sugar levels and bettering insulin sensitivity.  In doing so, it will enable you to combat two possible conditions: diabetes and heart disease. The two are undeniably linked, and so when the risk of one rises, the risk of the other does, too. Not coincidentally, reducing the risk of one will reduce the risk of the other, hence the beauty of Res-Q 105.

Res-Q 1250 similarly combats cardiovascular disease by providing you with a hearty dose of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The two are the most effective acids, known to prevent arrhythmias, high triglyceride levels and hardened arteries (as well as a myriad of other health woes). Res-Q’s manufacturing process, which uses PureMax technology, ensures that you get the omega-3s in their purest form and at their highest concentration.

And finally, Res-Q LDL-x2 (with niacin or niacin-free) uses plant sterols with a mixture of other heart-healthy ingredients to combat poor cholesterol. It, in conjunction with a diet low in unnecessary fats (saturated, trans), will allow you to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, thus warding off heart disease.

All of Res-Q’s products are here to help you, here to prevent a need for rescue. So pick up what you need today and start saving yourself.

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