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Sperm and Broccoli

Filed Under: Health Concerns & Ailments,Supplements at 10:00 am | By: Veronica Brite, Editor
These are probably two things you’d never use in the same sentence. It would make more sense later.

As men grow older, their bodies undergo various changes – the bones get less denser, hair starts to become gray (and for some, there’s hardly any hair at all), most body systems become less efficient than they used to – when they were younger. It’s all part of normal aging, and that’s fine. One of the things men cannot probably accept is losing their macho image. Older men are bound to experience reduced libido and sexual function compared to their younger years. Another more physiological change related to this is their sperm’s quality.

Studies have shown that younger sperm is generally “stronger” and healthier than that of a middle-aged man or older man. As a way to resolve the issue – if indeed it is to some – experts and scientists have been on the go experimenting and researching on ways to keep the sperm healthy even as men age. Surprisingly, the solution is proving to be as simple as making sure you eat your vegetables.

Getting adequate antioxidants in the diet can help improve the quality of sperm, experts say. There are less DNA strand breaks in men who eat broccoli and tomatoes daily than those who don’t. Read more about other sources of antioxidants, and just how they help improve sperm quality.

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