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Spice Up Your Health

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Cayenne pepperDid you know that peppers are technically fruits? Just like tomatoes, perhaps you didn’t know that either. People generally consider peppers to be vegetables due to its common use in culinary.

Fall is the season for peppers. It’s also time to take advantage of better quality and cheaper prices for fresh peppers.

Bell peppers are the most popular kind and can be grilled or roasted, added to salads or simply served as a fresh snack. Green, red or yellow. Color and taste may vary with growing conditions or storage treatment.

Hot peppers are not as good sellers but can definitely spice up your dishes. Cayenne peppers are one of the better taste hot peppers, adding lots of flavor and spice to your food. Jalapeno peppers are another great choice for spicy recipes.

But did you know that hot peppers are healthy and may help with a few health issues? Yes, cayenne fruit is used medicinally and companies make supplements supporting two very important health concerns: weight control and metabolism regulation.

The potent hot fruit cayenne may also improve gastrointestinal tract, including stomach aches, gas and cramping pains. In addition, cayenne has been used to improve circulation.

Some researchers believe cayenne pepper supplements may help decreasing appetite and it can be taken on a regular basis without burning the stomach.

So, here’s a fall recipe. Fresh peppers are a very healthy item to be added to your diet and supplements may help you losing weight or improving circulation.

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  1. Kakan says:

    Good information. I had no idea about this. I’m going to start adding peppers to my meals as I sometimes get stomach aches after I ate and I also want to eat healthy things.

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