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Taking a Holistic Look at Running

Filed Under: Sports Nutrition,Supplements at 4:25 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
runners.jpgYou’re a junkie.  You crave it.  You take ten miles jogs just to hit the wall.  You seek what is commonly referred to as the “runners high.” But don’t worry.  You’re not alone.  Support groups run rampant in the form of runners clubs, annual marathons, 5K fundraisers and beginner runner programs.  Yet, there are some people that might discourage your addiction.  And it comes from a surprising place.   Your doctor’s office.

Your doctor encourages a healthy diet and regular exercise.  So why the long face over running?  The answer lies at the core of the “runners high.”  Joints.  Running is a relatively high impact sport that can place a tremendous amount of stress on joints from the knees down to the toes.  If you show up to the doctors office with pain in your knee, shin splints and various other symptoms of strain on your legs, it is very likely that your doctor will recommend replacing your running with a more low impact form of exercise. 

When faced with this news, a majority of runners see this as no solution.  Running is essential to their lives.  They continue through the pain.  Fortunately, there are new ways to avoid the stress that running has been known to cause on certain parts of the body.  The solution lies in the ancient practice of Tai Chi, brought overseas from China.  Focusing on alignment with the spine and strength derived from the core, this practice helps to minimize unnecessary impact on the body and its various joints and muscles.

Interested in Chi Running?  Its popularity and reputation is growing around the world.  You can purchase several books on the art of Chi Running/Walking or even watch DVD instructions on the practice of Tai Chi itself.  Learning how to align your body, breathe properly and concentrate on motion is sure to benefit your body, mind and spirit…and bring peace to both you and your doctor when it comes to your addiction.

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