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Krill Oil: Even Better Than Fish Oil

Filed Under: Supplements at 4:30 pm | By: Mauricio Matusiak
Antarctic krillFish oil supplements have been top-selling items in health food stores for many years. The list of benefits from fish oil continues to grow when results of new studies and research confirm the positive effects of this natural product in the human body.

So, if fish oil supplements are good, would you believe that a similar product can provide even more benefits?

You’d better believe because that’s the case of Krill oil supplements.

Krill oil is extracted from Antarctic krill Euphausia superba. Krill oil contains the three most important elements the human body needs to function properly: phospholipids, omega-3 essential fatty acids (similar to those of fish oil), and astaxanthin, a very powerful antioxidant.

This marine oil is clinically proven to do more than what fish oil can. Unlike fish oil (which is only 61-65% bioavailable), it mimics the very membranes of your cells, thus penetrating so easily that you get 95-98% of what you pay for. In addition, a super-antioxidant found only in krill oil is an ultra-potent nutrient, stronger than most other antioxidants including Co-Q10, for protection from the free radical damage that promotes aging and disease.

Just like fish oil, Krill Oil can lower cholesterol as well. Omega-3s have been shown to play a key role in heart health, from reducing triglycerides and blood pressure to inhibiting inflammation.

Krill oil contains significant amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, and it may help to regulate both HDL and LDL cholesterol. Additionally, it can support arthritic joint pain and the physical and emotional symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

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10 Responses to “Krill Oil: Even Better Than Fish Oil”

  1. kowm22 says:

    Krill Oil causes less fishy burps than fish Oil. nice post and cool pic. Thank you.

  2. Greasedupdeafguy says:

    What about the whales, don’t they eat the krill? are we taking food from them, or is there enough to go around? It’s just like shark cartilidge, yeah its a good product but millions of sharks are caught, have there fins chopped off, then are dumped back in the water to die by fishermen in Asia. Maybe we could farm krill and sharks to use for supplements, instead of just fishing them out.

  3. marganne says:

    Krill oil was tested by Consumerlab few days ago; the result announced is surprising.
    ConsumerLab is not an independent party since it is paid to do such reports so we could consider that reports are not unbiased. In fact they have a reputation from distributors for not being credible.
    Furthermore, the method of analysis used by Consumer Lab (CL) is not the most accurate and it has not been optimized for Krill oil or long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs).
    The other fact not mention is that Enzymotec uses fish oils to standardize their EPA and DHA so they can always meet specs because they can just increase amount of fish oil used. In this case, why doing krill oil test with a none pure krill oil? Comparison has to be done with equivalent ingredients.
    The real authority here is FDA and not ConsumerLab. According to the FDA natural products are allowed a deviation in the label claim.
    Consumers have to be worried about this kind of results totally biased.

  4. Edward says:

    I can’t believe that krill oil is better than fish oil. This is new to me. Great post.. thanks..

  5. marganne says:

    your post sounds a bit biased based on my knowledge about the industry.
    Consumer Labs have two testing methods.
    1. it picks up the products and tests randonly / blinded and puts out the report. There is no money involved and if product fails to meet spec it is announced! it happens all the time.
    2. Companies can participate on voluntary testing with a free to get their products tested. This does not mean Consumer Lab helps them to meet spec. It is just a way of getting their product chosen to be tested if they are not part of random testing.

    As far as Enzymotec – they are believed to possess 40% of Krill Market in U.S and carry several different Krill Products unlike other suppliers such as Neptune & Aker..

    1) Pure Krill Oil
    2) High Grade Krill Oil ( Krill combined with other marine lipids)
    3) Customized Krill Oil.

    Hope this will help you to know more about Krill market and Consumer Labs.

    Also considering Aker/EPAX merger – i guess krill/fish industry is becoming closer than ever.. 🙂


  6. JT Kapadia says:

    great stuff on a hot topic. Thank you for posting this info. cheers.

  7. julie says:

    I just started taking krill oil capsuls for my chorestrol i hope it works ;
    ive tried every alternative for high chorestrol.i will not take any drugs …..
    ill take my chances im 63

  8. devvy21 says:

    Krill Oil, found in deep pure waters of Antarctic is a new generation of Omega-3’s that literally beats the pants off fish oil. One of the benefits of Krill Oil over Fish Oil is that, Fish Oil has the tendency to oxidize very quickly when it is exposed to air but Krill oil is far more stable. The krill is a small shrimp-like marine crustacean. There are 85 types of krill present in the world’s ocean, the most abundant is the Antarctic Krill (Euphasia Superba).

  9. Alan Williams says:

    My mother has been taking krill oil now for over 12 months and swears by it. She was suffering from arthritic pain and was previously taking fish oil just as a daily nutritional supplement to ensure that she was getting enough Omega 3 and essential fatty acids.Since switching to krill oil her arthritic pain has gone and she feels alot better and can do many more things that she was previously unable to do due to her pain.Research proves that krill oil contains more Omega 3s and more antioxidant power than the highest grade fish oil — In fact, Krill Oil offers 54x more antioxidant power than fish oil! Pure krill oil is much better absorbed than fish oil. This means you can take 1/5 the dose and get by with two small capsules rather than ten large ones.

  10. herry says:

    One of the benefits of Krill Oil over Fish Oil is that, Fish Oil has the tendency to oxidize very quickly when it is exposed to air but Krill oil is far more stable.I am a sales executive in a mnc, and due to my profile every time i was on field, from the start of the day till evening i have to just travel. Due to this my body energy goes down, tiredness, body pain, stress i got stuck with this types of illness, than i come to know by my friend about Krill oil benefits, i got reference from him to use Krill Oil Professional Brand Oil only as it is the most trusted brand. I bought it from there website, and after using it for a week, i started to notice changes. Thanks Krill doctor Professional.

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