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The Benefits of Taking Vitamin Supplements

Filed Under: Supplements,Vitamins and Minerals at 10:30 am | By: Jacob Grail, Contributing Editor
The Importance of Dietary SupplementsMany people are taking dietary (vitamins and minerals) supplements in addition to their daily diet with the objective of improving one’s general health and wellness. People should not mistake dietary supplements as complete replacements for eating right or eating enough. Proper nourishment through food and fluids is still the best way to take care of a person’s nutritional status. Dietary supplements should only be what they are designed to be – supplements. This means that they are engineered to ‘fill in’ whatever nutrients may be lacking in a person’s diet.

Still, the benefits of dietary supplements cannot be understated. Taking dietary supplements ensures that we get 100% of our daily vitamin and mineral needs, sometimes even more. What’s better is the implication that this makes – a healthier body and mind. As the body receives what it needs to function optimally, the person will find that he or she has more energy and vigor even in regular day-to-day activities. Mind clarity and physical beauty also follow suit. Dr. Andrew Weil makes these points clear by discussing why people need to take vitamin supplements.

On a related note, there are those who think that the absence of illness or injury automatically equates to good health. While this is technically true, this does not actually mean that a person is optimally healthy. It is true that sick people can benefit from these supplements, but these are also as beneficial to anybody for the purposes of promoting wellness and preventing disease. Marcelle Pick, an obstetric gynecologist shares with us why we benefit from supplements and answers who can take advantage of these benefits.

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