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The Obesity Epidemic: Think Healthy and Fit for Life

Filed Under: Supplements at 1:21 pm | By: Brandi Spade, Senior Editor
supersize.jpgApparently, the American population has thrown the old mantra “everything in moderation” right out the window.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention cites a 2004 study that shows obesity prevalent in 32.9% of all Americans in the age group of 20-74.  In 1980 this statistic was more like 15%, and the rate of obesity continues to climb. 

Yet the Academy of Eating Disorders shows statistics of their own, where 10% or more of teen and adult women report symptoms of eating disorders, and these statistics continue to climb as well.  So what we’re looking at is a society of extremists, both using food in unhealthy proportions.  Food provides the body with nutrients to function properly, but the statistics of eating disorders coincides with a society filled with skinny supermodels, processed foods and empty calories.

Dieting only negates a healthy relationship with food.  In fact, many universities such as the University of Louisville work to provide the means for people to better understand how to have a healthy relationship with food.  Charts are available to help you better follow a standard of healthy, yet satisfying, eating.  If the body becomes nutrient deprived during or after a diet, the end result is often excess weight regain.  So eliminate thinking that diet pills alone will create a thin you, or that avoiding food altogether is the answer.  Supplying your body with the appropriate nutrients and working in a healthy amount of exercise is the key.  Follow these steps and the body you present to the world will be the perfect, healthy YOU. 

And if you need a helping hand, there are simple easy programs that can help you on the path to achieving proper nutrition.  Brenda Watson has packaged a healthy, easy supply of nutrients in her new Fiber 35 Diet.  Meal supplements can be used in moderation to achieve maximum amounts of nutrients.  Garden of Life makes the Perfect Meal that can be taken on the go.  If you’re looking for healthy bars, make sure to look at the amount of sugar before calling it a healthy choice.  Eat smart and take time to exercise.  After all, it’s much easier to make healthy living a routine than to accept a life of binge dieting and unhealthy habits.   

Like eating out?  Look at the following site for tips:

Image Source: American Heart Association

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