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Too Much Salt?

Filed Under: Supplements at 9:49 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
SaltA recent study shows that the United States could save $18 billion a year in health spending if Americans would cut their consumption of salt to recommended levels.

The article published by the RAND (Research and Development) Corporation confirms a diet high in salt creates several health complications. High blood pressure is the most common one.

Furthermore, the report states that Americans are too sedentary and fat. They eat too much, especially salt, but too few potassium-rich fruits and vegetables. That is not news as the average American diet is known for its unhealthy standards.

The fast food industry is directly responsible for the high blood pressure problem. The makers of processed and fast food persistently promote a craving for high-salt foods, initiating the bad habit for many people.

It seems to be quite difficult to switch from a high-salt diet to a regular diet because most people complain about the lack of taste in food without salt. The process of reducing the quantity of salt from your diet should be done gradually, using the same guidelines as reducing sugar from your diet.

Many Americans often don’t know that their blood pressure is too high because they do not check it regularly, waiting for a major problem before seeking medical care. Lowering high blood pressure could prevent heart attacks, heart failure, strokes and kidney disease.

Natural supplements can help lowering high blood pressure and work efficiently for many people. Several herbal formulations are available and can be taken on a daily basis without side effects. If you are taking any prescription medication for high blood pressure, consult your physician prior using any product.

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