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What’s New? Beet It

Filed Under: Superfoods,Supplements at 10:00 am | By: Mauricio Matusiak
BeetitLucky Vitamin is happy to introduce another premium brand of natural foods to our customers: Beet It.

Beet It offers a unique beet juice that has been used for research around the globe. Supplying more than 90 universities and research institutes throughout the world, Beet It is proud to have such a close relationship with leading scientists and professors. The company has years of experience developing fruit and vegetable juices and has established itself as a leading brand in the worldwide research and commercial markets.

Beet It has grown over the last few years to include not only the original beet juice in 1l and 750ml cartons, 750ml glass bottles and 250ml PET bottles, but also the original concentrated organic shot (0.3g nitrate content) and the Sport shot (with 0.4g nitrate), as well as new flavor mixes with ginger and passion fruit. Because beet contains natural dietary nitrate, the Beet It Sport shots have been designed with this in mind. The first sport nutrition product to deliver a specific dose of natural dietary nitrate, these shots are 100% natural and do not have any artificial additives and preservatives.

Beet It is an energy booster product that works best over an extended period of time. Unlike the majority of energy or caffeine-booster drinks available, Beet It Sport is optimal to be taken a few hours prior to activity. This unique product is not a typical energy or caffeine booster as it works gradually and, therefore, you don’t feel that immediate kick. Most athletes taking Beet It Sport believe that one shot 12 hours before, and one around two hours before exercising is the ideal plan. However, one shot is sufficient for general training.

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